We Relate Employee Feedback to Performance Metrics


Build the Model

Conduct the Survey

Conduct the Survey

 Model Building is the first step is to understand your workforce.  This is achieved by developing a workforce model that relates employee attributes to performance metrics 


Conduct the Survey

Conduct the Survey

Conduct the Survey

 Then gather feedback from your company's employees relative to their workforce needs.   Our surveys create questions that directly relate to the critical performance attributes of your workforce.


Get Results

Conduct the Survey

Get Results

 Partner with ITN to put your data into action.  Use our extensive databases and expertise.  Unleash the power of your organization to maximize employee engagement and performance. 

Our Surveys


Workforce Pulse Survey

This survey is based on the critical skills and pyschometrics of you workforce.  We ask the questions that are important to employees success and engagement.  We then measure how effective the work environment is in meeting critical workforce needs.


Performance Gap Indicator

 Are you looking for a company-wide assessment that provides a broader range of insights than the typical “company culture” instrument? Would it be helpful if this same assessment also tracked improvement and measured ROI? The new Performance Gap Indicator (PGI) empowers trainers with an assessment that evaluates FIVE company-wide performance areas, plus separate reporting for initial analysis and subsequent followup analysis, so you can objectively track progress and demonstrate real ROI. 

Unleash the Power of Your Employees

Use Data to Develop a Workforce  That Maximizes Job Satisfaction and Performance


Treat People the Way They Want to be Treated

Do you want to have a productive and engaged workforce?  The answer is simple. Hire the right people and treat them the way they want to be treated.  Workforces have defined attributes for success.  Those attributes establish the environment they need.  Let us show you how to retain and engage your workforce.

Partner with Our Experts


​Business performance is achieved when your workforce attributes are aligned with the proper workforce environment.  At ITN we have extensive databases and expertise to help you understand the nature of your workforce and how to develop and manage it.

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