Attract and Engage Candidates

Broadcast your jobs to free and payed job boards with ease.  Take what was once a tedious process and automate it.  Our one click program lets you get candidates from over 500 job boards. The options are endless.  You can specify your job broadcast to a specific location, social media, state job boards, diversity sites and many other specific workforce sites, the options are there for you.  You select the job boards you want to post to and we do the rest.


Online Screening Questions

When it comes to hiring new employees, know who to hire before you hire.  ITN Hire helps you improve employee selection through the use of skills tests, assessments, critical screening questions and more.  Our AI programs link workforce data to your key performance metrics.


Automate Prioritizing Candidates

Each job opening has questions that can to tied you your individual performance needs.  Candidate responses and scores are then be used to identify the higher potential candidates.  Our data based system prioritizes your candidate review while removing the possibility of individual biases and preferences..


Offer and Onboard

 Employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture.  The process of onboarding can be a difficult and time consuming task.  ITN Hire has teamed up with amazing partners to help you with the legal paperwork associated with the hiring process.  Our process automates the paperwork and makes your job easy.  


Automate Skills Testing

 Our ATS platform comes integrated with a library of test modules.  Organize the test modules by the job.  Then use them to evaluate the applicants.  The process is fully automated and easy to use. Learn what data can do to help you make better hiring decisions. 


Measure Your Results

ITN Hire ATS ability to capture data and generate reports is second to none.   The power of our system is its ability to provide the insights you need to make effective decisions.  Use our default reports or create your own.  Either way our data gives you the insight necessary to make informed decisions



No Contracts

Free Training and Support

Free Training and Support

 Nobody likes contracts, they are the worst! You shouldn’t be stuck with software you don’t like. We do have month-to-month and annual pricing options, but if you don’t like our software then you can cancel at any time 


Free Training and Support

Free Training and Support

Free Training and Support

We are here for you.  Just call or set an online appointment and our customer service and technical support will help you.


Pick Your Package

Free Training and Support

Pick Your Package

Start with our 30 Day Free Trial then pick the features you want.  Perhaps start small and then learn to use the power of the platform.

How is Our ATS Different?


Use Our Workforce Selection Factors

Hiring the right person requires a holistic view of numerous attributes.  Our extensive databases provide you with the candidate qualities that are needed for your open positions.


Monitor Your Performance and Improve

Our ATS captures all your data related to both online interview question responses and test scores.  We also capture your rating of the applicant.  When combined and related to performance metrics you can easily identify your recruiting and hiring strengths and weakness.  


The Workforce Intelligence Platform

Data from your recruiting and hiring efforts are uploaded into our Workforce Intelligence Platform where they are related to other factors such as onboarding and training needs, career planning and retention.  Our Workforce Intelligence Platform provides you with a comprehensive view of the employee and their needs to be successful.


Hire Smarter With Less Effort

 The ITN Applicant Tracking System is highly advanced.  Our capabilities automatically match your job needs to candidate qualifications.  We use your job performance data to advance your insights and capabilities for the prioritization of candidates.  Let us automate your hiring process.


See All of ITN Hire Services

If you’re looking for a dynamic and easy way to recruit, hire and onboard new employees, our consulting services  could be a great idea.   Check out our training services here.  

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