Workforce Analytics

Make Workforce Intelligence Your Competitive Advantage

Our Platforms

Applicant Tracking System


Powered by AI,  we are an exceptionally complete and capable applicant tracking system. Our recruiting software automates every step of your hiring process. Easily recruit, assess, prioritize, and hire candidates with insight and confidence.

Enterprise Learning


 Easy Set-Up with ITN, enterprise learning you can quickly create courses and learning paths.  Our Learner -Centric Design is designed to get learners engaged with great user experiences— anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our Intuitive Reporting gives you visibility into training performance all the way down to the individual level. See who's completed your courses, ensure compliance, and track training impact. 

Workforce Surveys


Conducting a workforce survey based on ITN AI technology provides a clear picture of what your organization needs to do to achieve higher performance.

Often it is unclear what changes need to be made to have the greatest impact.  Our data insights provide the clarity you need for actions that produce measurable results.


We are your Workforce Experts

To create a successful and productive workforce, you need to pick the right people, give them the correct training and treat them the way they want to be treated.  At ITN, we provide the software platforms, services, and insights that help you create organizational success.  

Our Services

Online Learning

Get access to our endless library of on-line courses.  Our simple and easy to use software platform can be used anytime and anywhere.  

ATS & Selection Factors

Our Applicant Tracking System combined with our workforce database will help you to know who to hire and how to hire - all automatically.  Let us help you automate and improve your recruiting and hiring process. 


Would you like to know more about your people?  Would you like to improve communication and put the right people in the right job.  Our library of assessments can help you

Skills Testing

Skills are critical to the successful performance of a job.  However, actual skill levels can be misrepresented.  Our library of test modules can be used to confirm the basic or complex skills needed for your jobs. 

Workforce Surveys

What does your workforce enviroment need to look like.  Well it depends on the nature of the workforce.  Our analytics can tell you how people want to treated in order to improve their engagement and results. 

Workforce Analytics

The value of ITN comes from our AI platform.  We take complex data and turn it into simple insights that you can use.  Whether for hiring, training or managing we have the data and insights that can help you succeed.