Train and develop your workforce using our extensive library of ready-made courses.  Our learning modules cover almost all subject matter related to businesses.  Simply use our "Ready to Go" learning paths or create your own course based on your needs

Training Solutions for Most Workforce Positions

Human Resources


Our Human Resources topics are extensive range from EEO laws to recruitment, fair pay, compliance, compensation, HR strategy and more.

Customer Service


Learn all the basics of customer service from basic telephone skills to handling customer complaints.  We make customer service training easy.

Policy and Compliance


Want to know more about the law and compliance with company policies.  Our list of law and policy modules is extensive. 



There is a lot to know in sales and we cover it all; communication, negotiation, presentations, objections, lead generation, time management, listening, questioning and more.



Our Finance modules review all the basics and more.  Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow are just the beginning. 



Do you have new managers?  You can find all the management materials you need here.  Planning, motivation, team meetings, budgeting, and goal setting are just the start.



Need office skills?  We cover them all.  Our Microsoft product training teaches multiple levels of course materials.  Add to that communication, writing, time management and more. 

Personal Development


Want to improve your skills?  Pick a topic as we cover them all from improved communication to goal setting, decision makeing, dealing with conflict and more.

Call Centers


Our extensive range of learning modules is perfect for training call centers.  We can give you the tools to identify customer need, manage accounts and handle conflicts.  Let us know your challenges and we can help.



All the basics of marketing are covered in our marketing modules.  Here you can learn about marketing strategy, email campaigns, social media and all the essentials for marketing success. 

Health and Safety


Most safety topics are covered here.  From "slips and trips" to PPE awareness to texting while walking, we have it all. 



Leadership is both and art and a science.  We have the fundamentals.  Topics ranging from organization culture, delegation, strategic planning, managing change, and more, can be found here.

Create Your Own Learning Path


Make It Your Own

Our library of learning modules is virtually endless.  You can use our "Ready to Go" Learning Paths or simply create your own.  We provide you with the administrative authority to use as many modules as you want in any way that you want.

Our Service is Flexible and Cost Effective

Create The Learning Path That Works For You

We are available to consult with you or your staff when problems arise with your software. We are available for remote or on-site assistance.

Pricing Plans Adapted to Your Needs

Our pricing is set to ensure that you get the right product for the right person at the right price. We have numerous options to help you succeed.  Fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly. 

Why ITN Online Learning

Learn Anytime and Anywhere


 Our online learning platform goes where you go.  We are on the web and mobile-ready.  No need to install, upgrade or back up.  Just log on and start to learn.  We are always available. Say something interesting about your business here.

Customize to Your Needs


 Use our extensive library of learning modules to build your own courses or simply pick an "out of the box" solution.  You can also make your own courses and put them on our system with minimal effort. 

Track and Report


 Simple and comprehensive reports are available on everything that happens inside of your learning enviroment.  Track progress and report accomplishments with ease. 

See Some of Our Learning Modules Here


No Course Limit


Learn as much as you can. Take all the learning modules that you want at no extra charge.  Pricing is based on the number of users per month. 

No Contracts


There are no contracts or obligations.  Use as many or as few of test modules as you like.  

Free Trial


Start your learning journey with a Free Trial.  There are no contracts and no requirement.  You simply sign up for what you need when you need it. 

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